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As part of our ongoing effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the City of Nogales is closed to the public, except by appointment only. Call (520)287-6571 for more information on continued services.


The Nogales Cemetery is a cross-border cultural mixing pot, with the largest section dedicated to the majority population of the area from Mexican roots. That section of the cemetery is full of families loving tributes to their ancestors. The cemetery is portioned into other smaller sections, including the Jewish community who has had a significant presence in the region since Nogales' founding. The Masons' cemetery is the more traditional Anglo American burial style with its conservative headstones. Other areas are dedicated to veterans and other local service organizations. The cemetery is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Burial Lots: All lots in the public portion of the cemetery have been sold. Niches in the columbarium are available for sale.

Columbarium Information

South Wall Niche - includes memorialized facing stone, bronze urn, urn ID name plates

Single: $1,295

Double $1,520

North Wall Niche - includes memorial ID nameplate; requires separate urn purchase

Urn measurements not to exceed 13"L x 7"W x 5"H

Single: $1,000

Columbarium Niche Application

  1. No monthly or yearly maintenance fees
  2. Payment installation plans not to exceed 1 year; 50% of total is due at time of purchase
  3. First come first served basis; a limit of 4 niches/person may be purchased at one time. Exceptions can be made at discretion of the Director
  4. Pre-planning purchases accepted
  5. The City will provide ownership and location documentation to the owner at the time of purchase, with copied filed by the City
  6. Anyone of any faith may purchase a niche(s)
  7. A $500 fee will be assessed for reopening of any niche
  8. Columbarium shall remain locked at all times except for inurnment services or pre-arranged supervised visits
  9. The City will be the sole keeper of keys for the North Wall Niches
  10. No flowers, natural or artificial; candles, religious statues, or other memorial items are allowed inside the Columbarium
  11. Resale of niche(s) can only be sold back to the City at purchased price
  12. Transfer of niche ownership is possible, but only by City approval

City of Nogales

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