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Commercial Signs

Step 1: Submit a Sign Permit Application

  1. Download and complete the Sign Permit Application
  2. Submit a completed Sign Permit Application in-person at the One Stop Shop
    1. An Arizona Licensed general contractor or Arizona-licensed sign contractor is required to install sign(s) for commercial properties.
    2. Arizona Revised Statues Section 9-835(D) requires an Administrative Review & Acceptance of applications at the One Stop prior to advancing to a Substantive Review.
    3. Sign Plan Review Fees are collected when the sign application is Administratively Accepted at the One Stop.

Step 2: Review

  1. Once the application is reviewed by City Staff, of the application has corrections, the applicant is notified by the One Stop to pick-up corrections. The applicant corrects the plans and then resubmits the revised plans at the One Stop.
  2. After the application is reviewed by City Staff, and if the application is approved, the applicant is notified by the One Stop to pick-up the approved plans and permits.

Step 3: Inspections

  1. City approved plans are to remain on the job site during constriction, and accessible for the City building inspector.
  2. After the installation of the sign(s), the applicant schedules an inspection through One Stop.
  3. A City building inspector visits the site to ensure the sign(s) are installed in compliance with the approved plans and codes.

Commercial Industrial Signs Forms

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