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Legal Department

We are a team of legal professionals committed to providing excellent legal services to the City of Nogales.

The Office of the City Attorney is committed to providing excellent legal services, advice and representation to the City, its officials, and staff, advocating for justice and safeguarding the interests of the public in the criminal justice system, and honoring the highest principles of the legal profession.

The City Attorney is responsible for directing and supervising the legal affairs of the City of Nogales. The City Charter defines the duties of the City Attorney as follows:

To provide legal advice to the Mayor, the Council, and other city offices, departments and boards;

To take charge of all legal matters in which the City has an interest or is a party;

To prepare proposed ordinances upon request of the Mayor or City Councilmember’s; and to review all City contracts, documents, and instruments creating any legal obligation affecting the City.

The City Attorney’s Office has a dedicated team of public servants committed to providing aggressive and competent legal representation on behalf of the City of Nogales for the benefit of all of our citizens.

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