COVID – 19  Response 

Over the weekend, Santa Cruz County reported now new active, confirmed COVID-19 cases. A 31st case was administratively transferred to Santa Cruz County. This case was originally reported in Pima County in early April, and is now being determined to be a Santa Cruz County case. It is believed that the 31st case has fully recovered from the virus. According to State data updated daily around 9:00 AM, 222 tests have been administered for Santa Cruz County.

This is an increase from the 194 reported tests on the previous Friday, April 24th. The flattening of the case count, while increasing testing is encouraging news for residents of Santa Cruz County. Arizona also reported 0 (zero) new deaths today, as well. Santa Cruz County is reporting 22 total recoveries from COVID-19, which means there are 8 active cases. There are still 0 (zero) reported deaths or hospitalizations in Santa Cruz County.After nearly doubling the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Santa Cruz County over the last 10 days, reporting no new active cases since Friday, April 24th, is a welcomed change. However, Nogales residents should continue to practice social distancing, proper hygiene and hand washing, as well as wearing a cloth mask in public. The virus is likely still active in Santa Cruz County and beyond. The potential for both community-spread and travel related spread of the virus continues. There is also a potential for a second wave, and public health practices will continue keeping residents safe and help to flatten the curve in Nogales.


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