COVID – 19  Response 

A 30th case of COVID-19 was reported by Santa Cruz County. County Health is also reporting 21 recoveries, which is a substantial spike from yesterday’s 14 reported recoveries. The number of tests for Santa Cruz county have also been increasing. A total of 194 COVID-19 tests have been completed in the county, with 21 of those tests have been completed yesterday. Since last week Friday, the number of tests in Santa Cruz county have increased by 66%. In Santa Cruz county, 11.3% of COVID-19 tests have been positive. The following charts detail COVID-19 testing and cases in Santa Cruz County.

Across the state, the number of COVID-19 cases that are hospitalized appears to be decreasing. There are 6,000 identified cases in Arizona, with 984 hospitalized cases. According to AZDHS, there are 0 hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County. The decrease in hospitalized cases is reflected in the Hospital bed usage and availability. According to data from, in Arizona hospitals, 76% of available ICU beds are in use, 30% of emergency department beds are in use, and 76% of inpatient beds available are in use. Of the ventilators available at Arizona hospitals, 29% are in use as of April 23rd.

These numbers demonstrate the continued need for social distancing, practicing good hygiene, and wearing a cloth mask, to help flatten the curve. After an 88% increase in identified cases in Santa Cruz county over the last week, efforts to help flatten the curve is critical.


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