COVID – 19  Response 

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases remained at 14, as no new additional cases were reported in Santa Cruz County. Of the 14 reported cases, there are seven recoveries and zero deaths in the county. Santa Cruz County is one of five Arizona Counties with zero reported deaths. Across Arizona, 11 of the 15 counties are reporting fewer than 6 COVID-19 deaths.

As residents begin to receive their stimulus checks, the City is encouraging the continued support of local businesses. There are a variety of ways that residents can help support their neighbors and friends who work at, manage, and own businesses in Nogales, Arizona.

  1. Order Delivery or Take Out from your favorite restaurant. Many local restaurants are adding delivery services through companies such as DoorDash or Postmates. Grab a bite and support a local business, while you enjoy your food at home!
  • Purchase gift cards or gift certificates. Choosing to invest in a future purchase can give local business owners a stream of revenue and help them during this time.
  • Shop Online or on Social Media. This is a great way to practice social distancing and still support your local community. Check to see if your favorite spot has an online or social media account you can shop from.
  • Reschedule Instead of Canceling. Knowing that demand for goods and services still exists can greatly help local businesses make critical decisions during this time.

Make a donation. Nonprofits and charities are also struggling during these difficult times. Consider making a donation to local charity or organization.


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