COVID – 19  Response 

Over the weekend, two additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 were identified. This brings the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Santa Cruz County to 10. Arizona is releasing more information on COVID-19 deaths and locations of cases on the website The State is also sharing information on hospitalizations for COVID-Like Illness (CLI). Health officials across the country anticipated a dramatic increase in demand for ventilators and hospital beds due to COVID-19. Since March 21st, the percentage of hospital visits with CLI is decreasing in Arizona. Governor Ducey announced the addition of 100 ventilators to the State. In Nogales, local health care centers, health clinics, and the hospital have not reported a shortage of beds or ventilators.

In the Mexican State of Sonora, the Governor’s stay-at-home order is now mandatory, as of April 13th. State and local law enforcement will enforce the order and issue warnings, fines, arrest, and use force as necessary. Sonoran residents are permitted to leave their home for essential activities, which include: 

  • Getting food, medicine and/or basic necessities
  • Going to health centers, hospitals or an establishment with essential activity
  • Traveling to work, only if it is an essential activity
  • Assisting and caring for elderly, dependent minors, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable
  • Going to the bank or other financial entity

The Mexican government recently signed an MOU with private hospital groups to reduce the strain on the public health care system. Private hospitals will make 50% of their hospital beds (approximately 3,115 beds) available to patients who need treatment not related to COVID-19, free of charge. The MOU will be in effect from April 23 to May 23.


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