COVID – 19  Response 

The City of Nogales held a Special Council Meeting to discuss the financial impacts of COVID-19. This meeting was livestreamed at; interested residents who were not able to view the livestream may view the meeting on YouTube. The power point presentation will be available on The City Manager laid out an analysis of the City’s current financial state and provided detailed recommendations to minimize expenditures and lighten the financial strain of COVID-19. Given the recent, rapid development of COVID-19 across Arizona, its impacts have not been fully realized. The City expects to have a better idea of the financial impact, when April 2020 sales tax numbers are reported. The Mayor and Council remain concerned about the impacts of COVID-19 on sales tax revenue. The City is primarily funded through sales tax, and the closure of local businesses impacted by COVID-19 causes concern. City officials are working together to ensure that the City continue to provide residents with essential services, as defined by the Governor. 

The City is working to ensure first responders are provided with surgical gloves and surgical masks. The City is prioritizing first responders and medical personnel, who are at the highest risk for exposure and essential for the health and safety of residents. Non-public safety City Departments with frequent public interaction are being outfitted with gloves and cleaning supplies. 

The City Water Department reminds residents that City water is tested and safe to drink. Residents are encouraged to use this resource to stay hydrated. Health officials recommend frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at a time. Residents looking for bottled water should visit stores as early as possible, as bottled water is currently in demand.The City is limiting public access to City Buildings, except for Police and Fire. Residents can continue to pay their bills online or over the phone by credit and debit card, at the City Hall drop box with a copy of their bill, and by cash after first making an appointment by calling 520-287-6571. The City will not be giving change for cash payments; instead, accounts will be adjusted according to the amount received.


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