COVID – 19  Response 

 The City of Nogales continues to encourage residents to practice social distancing during this time. In an effort to model this, City department directors downloaded a virtual meeting and messaging phone and computer application. This technology allows the City Managers and Department Directors to maintain frequent communication, while maintaining social distance. The City will be live-streaming City Council Meetings at, in order to provide open access to government, while restricting in person, public access during this time of social distancing. 

The City Manager’s Office and Emergency Response Team joined a conference call with a number of Mayors and the Arizona League of Cities to discuss Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-12, which broadly defines essential functions. This discussion is an effort to gain further clarification on the Governor’s Executive Order in order to better serve the residents of local jurisdictions. The Mayor is in frequent communication with local and state officials, such as the Governor’s Office, regarding COVID-19 in Arizona 

The City of Nogales and Santa Cruz County remain in constant communication regarding COVID-19. The City was notified of the County’s decision to close public access to all county administrative offices. The County closed public access to 2150 North Congress Drive, 2170 North Congress Drive, and 1368 North Hohokam Drive in an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There has been no decision by the City of Nogales to close public access to City buildings, with the exception of the closure of the City Library due to staffing issues unrelated to COVID-19. 

The City of Nogales has published a website for residents looking for global, national, state, and local information on COVID-19. As Nogales is an international city with families on both sides of the line, the website allows residents and family members of residents to access critical information. The website, which can be accessed at, provides a detailed list of the decisive actions taken by the City as well as resources and guides from state and federal health officials. 


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