COVID – 19  Response 

 The City of Nogales maintained its commitment to the health and safety of residents by going into Special Session on Saturday, March 21, 2020 to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mayor and Council held a Special Session to adopt a resolution that declares a state of emergency and a financial emergency in Nogales for the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor and Council amended the original declaration to provide clarity on two points in the resolution; the first point of clarification amended the resolution to restrict on-site dining at food trucks as well as brick and mortar restaurants, and the second clarification added senior centers to the list of facilities that are not subject to the adopted restrictions. The resolution allows the Mayor to adopt additional temporary health and safety measures in any future executive order enacted by the Governor designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The declaration also authorizes the City Manager to coordinate emergency operations for the City in response to COVID-19. The resolution passed unanimously and will soon be available to the public on 

The resolution closes all bars, movie theaters, gyms, and fitness centers. It closes access to on-site dining, while still allowing local restaurants and food truck vendors to serve residents through delivery, pick-up, and drive-thru only. The restrictions do not apply to cafeterias at nursing homes, hospitals, and similar facilities as well as soup kitchens and senior centers that provide food to the needy. These establishments are encouraged to take precautions and ensure social distancing and proper cleaning hygiene. 

The City remains concerned about the impacts COVID-19 on local residents and businesses. The Mayor and Council plan to hold a Special Session next week on a date and time to be determined, in order to discuss the financial impacts of COVID-19 on the City of Nogales. 


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