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Environmental Services

Mission Statement

The City of Nogales, Environmental Services Department (ESD) is entrusted with providing high-quality solid waste collection and disposal services for the citizens of Nogales. We are dedicated to carrying out this responsibility in a manner that demonstrates true leadership in environmental management while continuing to provide the highest level of service.

What is the Environmental Services Department (ESD)?

Our ESD consists of a set of management processes and procedures that allow our organization to analyze, manage, and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, products and services while allowing it to operate with greater efficiency and control.


It is our expectation that all Environmental Services employees will embrace and support ESD’s commitment to continuous improvements of all its products and services. This includes prevention of pollution throughout our operations and city sites, as well as regulatory compliance of all programs for which ESD is responsible for managing.

For Business

The City of Nogales provides commercial refuse collection services from two to six times a week, except Sundays and City recognized holidays. We provide a minimal service of 1 cubic yard collected twice a week, or containers as big as 6 or 8 cubic yards collected up to six days a week. Please call the City of Nogales Revenue Department at 520-287-6571 to begin your business’ trash collection today. Please follow the link to find a copy of our Commercial Refuse Collection Service Contract.

For Residents

The City of Nogales offers twice-weekly refuse collection in pre-approved City containers only. Please call the City of Nogales Public Works Department at 520-285-5731 to request your approved containers. Please remember that the blue and black containers are City property. They do not belong to you! If you move, please leave the containers at your residence for the next tenants. Taking the bins with you is theft and is subject to prosecution.

The City of Nogales has begun fully automated trash collection services in some residential neighborhoods. This service uses a sideload waste collection truck. Please download the flyer to get caught up on the new regulations. New Regulations for Side-loader Residential Waste Collection

Regular Trash Collection Schedule

Generally, regular household waste is collected either Monday or Tuesday, depending on your area’s collection schedule. To avoid not receiving service, place your trash can on the sidewalk before 6:00 AM. Regular waste should be placed in the City provided grey bin. If needed, the blue bin provided by the City can also be used. Please do not use other bins or place trash on the sidewalk or on top of the bin to avoid messy streets and unsanitary conditions. The lid should be kept closed at all times. Please remove all trash cans from the sidewalk at the end of the day.

Please follow the links to the appropriate trash schedules:

  1. Residential Trash Collection Schedules
Medical Waste

Thr City of Nogales does not collect medical or human pathogen waste. Please click on the links below for more information.

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Backflow Prevention

Nogales Water is committed to delivering safe, high-quality water to our customers. Our extensive water quality program operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that the water delivered to our customers is kept free from harmful contaminants.

An important part of our water quality commitment is the backflow prevention program. When a water line is connected to equipment containing a no potable substance, this is known as a cross-connection. Contamination may occur when water flows through a cross-connection from a no potable source, such as a sprinkler system or heating and cooling units, into the potable water system. This can happen through a process known as backflow.

There are more than 300 backflow prevention assemblies in use in the Nogales Water service area. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality requires that each is tested annually. A list of Nogales Water-Approved Certified Testers is available on this website or by calling (520) 285-5733.

The links below lead to more information about Nogales Water’s Backflow Prevention program.

Si usted desea información en Español, por favor, llame al (520) 285-5731.

  1. Backflow Prevention Brochure
  2. Blank Backflow Test Report
  3. Backflow Inspection Form
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Mission Statement

Our commitment is to ensure the Utilities Department for the City of Nogales continues to provide a high level of service and professionalism in a cost-effective, safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner.

To the Citizens

The City of Nogales Utility Department is customer centered. Our team is committed to service and technical excellence. Although we are out on the streets of Nogales every day, we don’t see everything, it is encouraged that each citizen lets us know if something is broken or in need of repair. The information and links on the Utilities FAQ’s page are meant to assist you in accomplishing your business as quickly and easily as possible. If you are not able to find what you need here or would like to make suggestions on how we can better serve you, please call our Permit Center directly at 520-285-5731.

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Zoning Map


Public Works


Step 1: Pre-Application Process

Subdivision proposals begin with the pre-application submittal, which will determine what review process will be required. The process then proceeds with a formal application which may include a public hearing process that will determine the property’s development entitlements.

Step 2: Development Package Submittal and Review Process

The purpose of Development Package review is to determine compliance with the applicable codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Nogales.

Step 3: Public Hearings

Subdivision proposals will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commision for recommendations and Mayor and Council for approval.

Step 4: Recordation

Subdivisions approved by Mayor and Council shall be recorded with Santa Cruz County Recorder’s Office.

Public Works

Special Applications

Public Works

Residential Development

Step 1: Contact the One Stop Shop

Contacting the One Stop gives you the opportunity to meet directly with a planner, building reviewer, or Development Services Representative. You can obtain answers to general questions regarding Zoning Codes, Building Codes, Fees and submittal requirements. We offer over the counter plan review for some projects, or you can submit plans for a traditional review.

Step 2: Plan Submittal and Plan Review

The purpose of plan review is to determine that the proposed construction complies with the City of Nogales adopted codes and ordinances. The plans (construction documents) must be of sufficient clarity to in compliance. The City of Nogales will accept paper submittals or digital.

Step 3: Permit Issuance and Inspections

Once the construction documents for a building or structure is determined to be in compliance permits are issued. Permits grant authorization to commence site construction. Construction or work for which a permit is required is subject to inspection in order to determine that construction is being done in accordance with the approved plans and in the City of Nogales adopted codes and Ordinances. The work to be inspected must remain accessible and exposed.

Public Works

General Plan

Public Works

Development Code

Public Works

Commercial Signs

Step 1: Submit a Sign Permit Application
  1. Download and complete the Sign Permit Application
  2. Submit a completed Sign Permit Application in-person at the One Stop Shop
    1. An Arizona Licensed general contractor or Arizona-licensed sign contractor is required to install sign(s) for commercial properties.
    2. Arizona Revised Statues Section 9-835(D) requires an Administrative Review & Acceptance of applications at the One Stop prior to advancing to a Substantive Review.
    3. Sign Plan Review Fees are collected when the sign application is Administratively Accepted at the One Stop.
Step 2: Review
  1. Once the application is reviewed by City Staff, of the application has corrections, the applicant is notified by the One Stop to pick-up corrections. The applicant corrects the plans and then resubmits the revised plans at the One Stop.
  2. After the application is reviewed by City Staff, and if the application is approved, the applicant is notified by the One Stop to pick-up the approved plans and permits.
Step 3: Inspections
  1. City approved plans are to remain on the job site during constriction, and accessible for the City building inspector.
  2. After the installation of the sign(s), the applicant schedules an inspection through One Stop.
  3. A City building inspector visits the site to ensure the sign(s) are installed in compliance with the approved plans and codes.