Candidate Information Headlines

Candidate Information

The Nogales City Clerk is the filing officer for all municipal elections and responsible for coordinating elections with the Santa Cruz County Recorder’s Office and at the Santa Cruz County Elections Department. Please direct all questions related to Candidate filing and submission of campaign finance reports to the City Clerk’s Office at (520)287-6571.

Candidate Eligibility

All citizens interested in running for the Nogales City Council must be at least 18 years of age at the time of election, have resided in the jurisdictional boundaries of Nogales for one year and be qualified elector in the State of Arizona.

Candidate Responsibilities

Each candidate who intends to accept contributions or make expenditures of $500 or more must file a Statement of Organization with the City Clerk. All candidates interested in running for City Council should submit a statement of organization if they believe they will spend $500 or more. If any information reported on the Statement of Organization changes, the political committee must file an amended Statement of Organization reporting the change within five business days.

Candidate Filing Documents

Full candidate information packets are available at the City Clerk’s Office.

Campaigns wishing to use political signs within the City’s right-of-way must follow Arizona-revised statute 16-1019. All political signs must be in compliance with Arizona state law and the regulations established by the City of Nogales Development Standards Code.

Prospective candidates can make an appointment with the City Clerk to review candidate packet and discuss the election process at any time. Informational appointments generally last 3o minutes.