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Victims Rights Survey

Victims’ Rights Survey

Victims of crime have a Constitutional right to be treated with respect and dignity. The City Attorney’s Victim Program is constantly seeking ways to improve our assistance to crime victims. We need your help in evaluating services. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about your contact with our office. Thank you for your help as we try to improve the quality of our services to the citizens of our community.

When contacting our office by telephone or visiting in person, please rate your contact with our staff? *
Their helpfulness in dealing with your questions and concerns? *
Their politeness and friendliness? *
Was the Victim Rights form received in a timely and informative manner? *
Did the Victim Rights form explain the Court system and your rights as a victim? *
Were you notified of hearings in a timely manner? *
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Post Conviction Notification Request

The following material contains information about Post-Conviction Victims’ Rights. It is important that you read this information carefully and if you decide that you want to exercise your rights, that you fill out and sending the necessary paperwork (which is attached) as soon as possible. This paperwork will entitle you to certain types of notification now that the defendant in your case has been sentenced. It is being provided to you as part of your earlier assertion of your rights as a victim of a crime.

Post-Conviction Notification entitles you to receive notice and disposition of the following:

  •  All post-conviction review and appellate proceedings,
  • All post-conviction release proceedings,
  • All probation modification proceedings that would impact you, 
  • All probation revocation or termination proceedings,
  • All releases and escapes.

Please complete Section B of the attached Post-Conviction Notification Request form if you want to receive the above described notifications. If you have a designated lawful representative, they should fill out section B and sign their name.

The request for the notice of release and/or escape only needs to be filled out and sent to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office if the defendant has been sentenced to serve a jail term. If no jail time was imposed, then you only need to send your request for notification to the Nogales City Prosecutor’s Office.

If you choose to request post-conviction notification, you must contact the agency you requested notification from if there is ever a change in your address or telephone number.

NOTE: It is your responsibility as a victim or lawful representative to keep you address and telephone information current. Failure to keep this information current will constitute a waiver of your right to be notified in the future.

If you have any questions regarding the type of notice you receive, please contact the agency that sent you the notice.

Post-Conviction Notification Request

Section A

Defendant Name: State v .

Court: Nogales City Court
County: Santa Cruz
(Judge that signed sentencing order)
Nogales City Attorney’s Office

Section B

***Confidential Information***
Only one person may receive notification. Check only one that applies: *
to be my lawful representative and request all notices be sent only to this lawful representative.
Address *
Apt/Suite/Trlr #
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The Office of the City Attorney is committed to providing excellent legal services, advice and representation to the City, its officials, and staff, advocating for justice and safeguarding the interests of the public in the criminal justice system, and honoring the highest principles of the legal profession.

The City Attorney is responsible for directing and supervising the legal affairs of the City of Nogales. The City Charter defines the duties of the City Attorney as follows:

To provide legal advice to the Mayor, the Council, and other city offices, departments and boards;

To take charge of all legal matters in which the City has an interest or is a party;

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